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Meet Flipdish, The Latest Unicorn in Foodtech

Healthy Poke, a Spanish poké restaurant using Flipdish solution and Sunmi T2s

Flipdish: a digital ordering platform offering more than just digital ordering!

Flipdish offers everything a hospitality business needs for digital success: technology, people and data.

Founded in 2016, Flipdish (who recently raised $100 million in funding becoming a tech unicorn valued at over $1 billion) developed products and services built to ensure assistance to any hospitality business. Flipdish offers a full product range of Web Ordering, Apps, Kiosks, QR Code Order & Pay, as well as an intuitive backend portal allowing businesses to manage the day to day running of operations and access vital consumer insights and customer data.

Sunmi and Flipdish Partnership

Sunmi and Flipdish have significantly grown their relationship in 2021. Together, Sunmi and Flipdish provide a powerful combined hardware & software solution to businesses in Retail and Hospitality industries. Using both Sunmi’s K2 and T2s for their respective 24″ and 15″ screens, Flipdish focused on growing their Kiosk and Digital POS product offering as a way to combat operational challenges merchants are faced with and a way to boost revenue. Our partnership enables Flipdish to provide businesses with terminals that create ergonomic and immersive experiences, enhancing consumer interactions in unattended mode. This relationship is set to continue in 2022 and beyond!

Let’s see how it works!

Healthy Poke, a 26-outlet restaurant chain in Spain has implemented a cutting-edge digital approach with Flipdish solutions and Sunmi terminals.

Healthy Poke leverages Sunmi T2S and Flipdish software to fully adopt QR codes and online ordering to serve its customers. This has enabled the brand to gain in efficiency, improving operations and optimising time, as customers can place their order independently without queuing.

As a result, in 2021 the chain has significantly increased its digital orders by 127% in the space of four months (over the same comparative period in 2020).

Interested in our combined solution?

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