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RoverCash & AirKitchen Software Available On The SUNMI Appstore

LUNDI MATIN Group has integrated RoverCash and AirKitchen software into the full range of SUNMI Android terminals. Directly available on the SUNMI Appstore, RoverCash and AirKitchen provide many retail and restaurant players with a wide choice of SUNMI terminals (mobile terminals, tablets, cash registers) known for their performance, quality and elegant design, combined with cutting-edge point-of-sale software to operate businesses more efficiently. 

LUNDI MATIN Group, a key player in POS software

Since 2007, LUNDI MATIN Group has established itself as a key player in the field of online management software and cash register applications on tablets and smartphones. LUNDI MATIN Group offers professional applications for companies of all sizes: VSEs, SMEs, franchise networks and large groups. Based in Montpellier and Barcelona, the company has experienced sustained and profitable growth since its creation. From micro-companies to large accounts, thousands of satisfied customers recommend the company’s products and services daily, whose innovative aspect is demonstrated day after day.

RoverCash software & SUNMI digital POS, the perfect fit for retailers

RoverCash is the new generation cash register software adapted to all sizes of businesses, from local merchants to the largest retailers. Behind the counter, in the heart of the store, or on the road, checkout your customers in a few clicks. 

RoverCash and SUNMI combined solution allows all merchants to manage their on-site sales and payment, their customers and loyalty, as well as their accounting and statistics. With classic or compact form factors, Rovercash and SUNMI all-in-one digital POS solutions adapt to any environment and offer high performance in attended or unattended scenarios. With or without integrated printer and equipped with multiple peripheral connections, Rovercash and SUNMI’s combined solutions will be at the heart of your POS system. Benefit from Rovercash’s software expertise and SUNMI’s technical know-how to modernize any point of sale

AirKitchen & SUNMI, for restaurants requiring mobility and speed

AirKitchen is a 360° software solution based on several modules dedicated to the food service industry to streamline order taking and checkout. AirKitchen is available on SUNMI’s wide range of mobile terminals and readers with or without integrated printers, designed for a variety of use cases requiring mobility, business applications and data capture. The combined AirKitchen and SUNMI M2 Max tablet + SUNMI V2s and V2s Plus mobile terminal solutions are outstanding tools for staff support in fast order taking, instant ticket printing and on-the-spot checkout. Time saving, improved operations and increased customer satisfaction guaranteed for all restaurant owners.

A strengthened alliance with an international vocation

The association between SUNMI and LUNDI MATIN Group aims to be international, in line with the vision of both companies to expand and open-up to new markets. This has already been demonstrated recently with the “Cashier Touch” offer introduced by the French banks Crédit Mutuel and CIC, in which professional customers, whether retailers or restaurant owners, were offered a bundled package including SUNMI hardware with LUNDI MATIN Group’s POS software and associated services in more than 5,000 branches across France.

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