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Sunmi: Soti Validated

SUNMI devices received a recommendation from SOTI for the SOTI MobiControl solution.

SOTI MobiControl is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution developed by SOTI. It enables businesses to remotely manage, secure, and monitor mobile devices across various platforms. With SOTI MobiControl, organizations can efficiently deploy applications, enforce security policies, and troubleshoot devices to ensure optimal mobile workforce productivity.

SUNMI devices recognized by SOTI

Those Sunmi devices that received this validation can be found under two categories, depending on their age. The L2s Pro, L2s and V2s Plus are validated under the Android Enterprise Agents. The T2 Mini and V2 pro under the Android Classic.

L2s: The enterprise PDA – Upgraded Protection, Large battery capacity with high stability, Professional Scan engines, UHF-RFID labels identification, dual intercom modes to simplify the communication.

L2s Pro: The pro runner – Highly protected handheld computer, for professionals requiring fast & seamless scanning. Featuring a new CPU platform with WiFi and 4G-LTE, the L2s Pro represents the cost effective solution for wireless tasks in manufacturing and warehouse environments, covering also outdoor applications for transportation and logistics.

V2s Plus: The advanced modern commercial device for retail and outdoor ticketing. Featuring a high speed 80mm printer, V2s Plus offers a unique tool for mobile workers and field sales operators with WiFi & 4G-LTE.

T2 Mini: The small one with complete functions – Small footprint and easy to move, the T2 Mini has a high speed and high quality printing. Multiple payment method can be used thanks to a customer facing scanner for QR code payment, optional NFC module for Tap to Pay.

V2 pro: the overachiever – Excellent design & practicality, flexible printing label and/or receipt, barcode scanning.

Also available on V1s, Sunmi first hit, no longer available on the market.

Difference between Android classic & Android Enterprise Agents

Android Classic refers to the traditional, pre-Android Enterprise approach to device management, relying on various device management software or OEM-specific solutions without a standardized framework.

Android Enterprise Agents are software components used specifically in Android Enterprise (formerly Android for Work) management, enabling seamless integration with EMM solutions, centralized management, and security features for Android devices.

In summary, Android Classic lacks the standardized framework and advanced features offered by Android Enterprise Agents, which are tailored to modern enterprise mobility needs and provide more robust device management capabilities.

About SOTI

SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader for simplifying business mobility solutions by making them smarter, faster and more reliable. SOTI helps businesses around the world take mobility to endless possibilities. Thousands of companies depend on SOTI to secure, manage and support their mobile operations.

The SOTI ONE Platform is an innovative, integrated management solution that maximizes the ROI of business-critical mobile devices and printers. It reduces the cost, complexity and downtime of mobile operations and delivers actionable insights to help organizations make data-driven decisions.

SOTI’s solutions are used by companies across industries, including retail, healthcare, logistics, transportation, field services, and more.

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