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SUNMI Smart Batteries Supported by SOTI XSight

We are proud to announce that some SUNMI Terminals can now be integrated with the SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard. Take full advantage of the technology that’s built into our smart payment terminal to get visibility into charge level, health level, and energy-lasting time prediction. Keep your shift productive by maximizing battery lifecycles.

The SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard enables organizations to proactively gather data about their smart batteries. With SOTI XSight and SUNMI, organizations can predict battery levels for a shift, prevent the early replacement of batteries, track battery lifecycles, and more. This innovative technology protects investments in SUNMI smart payment terminal, reduces downtime, and reduces operational costs.

The SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard currently supports the SUNMI V2s and V2s PLUS with more devices to come.

With the SOTI XSight Smart Battery Dashboard, companies can monitor:

  • Batteries lasting full working shifts: Organizations can view which batteries will last for their full daily shift and forecast how long batteries will last during selected shifts in the future
  • Battery age: View the age of batteries since their first use within a device
  • Battery cycles: View the total number of charge cycles batteries have undergone
  • Charge levels at a selected time: View battery charge levels at a selected time to see how quickly they are draining

SOTI XSight can help you drill down on which user-installed apps are causing the most battery drain, the charge pattern of single batteries, and battery temperature trends if they are normal, too hot, or too cold.

How Does It Work?

A plugin known as XT Sock Plugin is installed alongside the SOTI XSight agent. The plugin is responsible for integrating with a SUNMI-provided API for battery data. The XT Sock Plugin collects data and sends it to the SOTI XSight agent to store and submit to the server. An XT Sock Plugin is made specifically for each smart battery manufacturer to capture these enhanced battery analytics. Customers with a supported SUNMI model can download the SUNMI XT Sock Plugin. With access to detailed battery performance data, organizations will be able to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Optimizing smart batteries is just the beginning of what SOTI XSight can do. Combining diagnostic intelligence with mobile-first support improves the ROI of business-critical mobile investments . SOTI XSight enables organizations to leverage advanced diagnostics to rapidly resolve app and mobile device issues. Most importantly, organizations can visualize combined device and business data in real-time to improve performance and reduce operating costs.
SOTI XSight enhances and integrates with SOTI MobiControl, an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution.

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About SOTI

SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader for simplifying business mobility solutions by making them smarter, faster and more reliable. With SOTI’s innovative portfolio of solutions, organizations can trust SOTI to elevate and streamline their mobile operations, maximize their ROI and reduce device downtime. Globally, with over 17,000 customers, SOTI has proven itself to be the go-to mobile platform provider to manage, secure and support business-critical devices. With SOTI’s world-class support, enterprises can take mobility to endless possibilities. For more information, visit


SUNMI is leading the move to Android for business digitization solutions through attractive business IoT devices and the End-to-End platform. Focusing on R&D and innovation, SUNMI product lines including Payment and Mobile Terminals, Desktop Terminals, and Kiosks among others are recognized by customers for design, quality, and well performance.
SUNMI’s products and solutions have been successfully implemented in retail, food & beverage, healthcare, services, and other businesses large and small, empowering clients in more than 200 countries, regions, and territories. For more information, visit

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