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SUNMI x Tidypay, the Mobile Payment Solution fitting all businesses

SUNMI payment terminals and Tidypay One, the combined solution suitable for all types of businesses, both for small and medium-sized in-store and outdoor merchants.

Make the payment experience easysecure and reliable.

A single payment device for all your needs

Whether in the transport or event industry, SUNMI P2 Pro offers a complete and easy point-of-sale experience to merchants. Tidypay, at the same time, is able to customize payment solutions to meet the different needs from distributors.

The combined solution P2 Pro and Tidypay One has recently been implemented in the Finnish transport industry. Thanks to its reliability and efficiency, the bus company Tidstrand enjoys a simple and reliable ticketing solution with contactless payment, thus ensuring a smooth and easy customer experience. This fully meets the industry need for a flexible, space-saving and high-performant solution providing seamless operation throughout the day.

SUNMI P2 Pro and Tidypay One are also being deployed at large outdoor events and festivals. This was demonstrated at the Craft Beer Festival in Helsinki – Finland. An all-in-one contactless mobile payment solution, durable and high-performant, for an efficient and enjoyable festival. Benefits are clear: smoother traffic flow, shorter queues and happier festival-goers!

Tidstrand Bus Company © Tidypay
Craft Beer Festival © Tidypay

Tidypay and SUNMI partnership

Tidypay is a Scandinavian PSP company; certified in 32 European countries providing simplified payment services. Since 2021 the company’s footprint has been to offer its efficient and unique PSP. From fully integrated POS systems and accounting systems​, to mobile standalone devices, Tidypay has tailored payment solutions to fit your needs. Tidypay also specializes in enterprise level payment technology that is flexible enough for businesses of all shapes and sizes to accept and process payments, our services currently range from Tidypay One, Tidypay eCom and Tidypay GO.

Tidypay leverages the SUNMI P2 Pro & P2 MINI for its payment solution, offering a unique opportunity to accelerate innovation and create value within the Android ecosystem. 

From smart mobile payment to handheld computer capabilities, SUNMI P2 Mini is built to address multiple business applications. Based on Android 9 GO, P2 Mini is a highly pocketable and long-lasting device supporting all payment methods. The P2 Pro, SUNMI’s flagship payment device, supports all classic EMV payment methods and emerging ones. Smart and secure, P2 Pro features a powerful platform to meet the high standards of commercial Android applications.

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