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Massive Rollout of SUNMI T-Series at the Norblin Factory

© The Norblin Factory

SUNMI is massively rolling out its T-series at the Norblin Factory

Covering 2 ha of land, the Norblin Factory is the newest chic and trendy spot in Warsaw (Poland), and a gem of post-industrial architectural scene with a 180-year-old history. As one of the largest industrial enterprises in the former kingdom of Poland, the Norblin Factory has been redesigned into a major cultural space including new offices, stores, restaurants, cafes, a local cinema, and a museum. Now the factory is back to its former glory and shines as brightly as it did then.

Together, SUNMI and its partner iPOS, have equipped the entire Food court of The Norblin Factory. No less than 23 gourmet restaurants spread over four halls are using SUNMI devices and the iPOS management application. Unique place with splendid architecture, the Food Town of Norblin Factory is the largest food court of its kind in Warsaw with restaurants offering dishes from all over the world, for a culinary journey through Europe, Middle Eastern countries, Asia and America. 

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