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SUNMI L2s, New Entreprise PDA

A versatile PDA addressing multiple segments requiring mobility.

SUNMI releases the L2s, its new PDA to encourage a transition to digitalization! SUNMI L2s came as demand is increasingly high for smart POS devices to accelerate businesses’ digital transition to a post-Covid 19 era.

A new addition to SUNMI’s ever-growing product line, L2s is available in four versions: L2s Scanner / L2s Standard / L2s PTT / L2s RFID. The models are built for applications ranging from retail and warehousing to logistics and restaurant.

A highlight of L2s is its batteries that SUNMI sources from leading lithium-ion battery maker ATL. The removable batteries can be charged over 800 times and still retain 80 percent of their capacity, which is twice better than similar products in the market. The device is able to work 16 hours nonstop and stand by for 20 days on a single charge.

Equipped with 2D scan engines from Zebra or Honeywell, L2s Scanner can recognize scratched, folded or stained 1D/2D barcodes. This makes it easier for a store clerk to confirm if a customer’s desired purchase is in stock.

For restaurant servers, L2s PTT (PTT stands for push to talk) doubles as an ordering system and a walkie-talkie. Servers can use it to press for faster service from the kitchen and make better table arrangements. This potentially enhances user satisfaction and table turnover rate.

L2s RFID has a big role to play in smart warehousing. It has a maximum scan range of 50 centimeters, enabling warehouse operators to check inventories high up on the shelf.

These new features are partly reliant on hardware iterations. L2s comes with a 5.5” HD Corning Gorilla glass touch screen that withstands shock or scratch. Its aluminum magnesium alloy casing is also resistant to impact, having remained intact in a 1.5-meter drop test.

SUNMI partnered with POS-ERP software developers like KMTECH to design the operating systems tailored to the four editions of L2s. The tie-up led to a highly flexible and versatile gadget that promises to improve business efficiency. All in all, L2s is a handy tool that will help merchants, big or small, to reap the rewards of digitization.

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