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MultiSafepay & SUNMI: Advanced omnichannel solutions

MultiSafepay offers end-to-end payment solutions for online businesses, apps or physical shops through SUNMI terminals.

SUNMI brought a simple and efficient platform and terminals to MultiSafepay to achieve the complicated challenge of implementing an omnichannel solution.

SUNMI & MultiSafepay: the obvious choice to offer an omnichannel solution

SUNMI and MultiSafepay work together to provide the most transparent and seamless omnichannel payment solution. The two companies have an established relationship and share the same vision of providing innovative solutions to their customers.

With its complete platform, SUNMI proved to be an ideal partner for MultiSafepay. SUNMI provides high-quality hardware, enhanced Android-based operating system, immediately comprehensive development environment, customizable application store and terminal life cycle management tools. This platform enables the fast and smooth integration of MultiSafepay into the SUNMI environment. This offer from SUNMI is very attractive for e-commerce companies looking for innovations such as MultisafePay.

SUNMI is very proud to be a major contributor to such a refined omnichannel solution throughout Europe. It provides SUNMI with a unique position in the payment market with the ability to support any type of payment project with SUNMI platform and terminals.

“Everybody know that moving from e-comm to deploying POS in the field is a tough challenge. We are delighted having been able to help MultiSafepay to achieve their omnichannel project with us.โ€

said Vincent Fillaud, Europe Payment Director for SUNMI.

The importance of omnichannel

An omnichannel approach modernizes the way businesses interact with consumers. By delivering a seamless customer experience across multiple on-line and on-site use cases, the company is meeting the consumers’ expectations: seeking a more modern, personalized, flexible, and convenient experience.

An omnichannel payment platform is a system that enables businesses to accept and process payments from customers across online websites, mobile applications, and physical stores into a unified platform.

An omnichannel approach is important because it puts the customer at the center of the experience, provides convenience and consistency, and allows businesses to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

An omnichannel solution allows customers to shop from their phone, an app, or within the shop without restrictions. It gives the customer new freedom to shop, and businesses will, in return, receive a better overview of their activity and better organization of their enterprise.


MultiSafepay is a Dutch leading en-to-end processing and acquirer payment platform for European merchants, providing frictionless online, in-person and omnichannel payment solutions. The Netherlands-based parment provider’s cutting-edge, in-house developed technologu facilitated businesses of all sizea to focus on growth and innovation and serves over 20,000 European companies through a signle platform and integration.

They offer an omnichannel payment platform and are acting as an acquirer for the major card schemes and provider of more than 40 global and local payment methods across 35 integrations.

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