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Mastering the Integration of SoftPOS with SUNMI Devices 

Selecting the ideal device for payment transactions is pivotal to elevating business operations. For those seeking reliable and efficient options, SUNMI provides a variety of smart Android devices that can be used together with the Softpay tap-to-pay app. 

“We are excited to announce the launch of the Softpay application on the SUNMI App Store. This new addition to our portfolio includes a line of SoftPOS-compatible devices, showcasing our commitment to advancing payment technology and business growth.”

Ivan Sandqvist, CEO at Softpay

The initial rollout includes compatibility with three ECR device models: V3 MIX, D3 mini, T3 Pro, selected to cater to a diverse range of business needs and operational environments. Softpay and SUNMI are committed to expanding the list of smart devices that can download the app from the SUNMI App Store soon. This development makes it easier to adopt Softpay on both GMS and non-GMS devices, opening up new opportunities for use cases and SoftPOS systems beyond traditional mobile devices. 

Softpay has a proven track record of deploying SUNMI devices to businesses of all sizes. From bustling restaurants and bar chains to international retail merchants, our solutions are specifically designed to support scenarios where mobility and compatibility are vital for seamless transaction processing. 

Softpay supports multiple acquirers and card schemes, including VISA, Mastercard, Dankort, BankAxept, and AMEX, as well as digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. This versatile range of payment options not only provides businesses with a broader scope to choose from but also enhances customer convenience by accommodating their preferred payment methods. 

“We are delighted to partner with Softpay to bring SoftPOS not only on mobile devices but also with our new range of desktops, opening new opportunities to Merchants to leverage SoftPOS. SUNMI and SoftPay are spearheading the convergence of business and payment solutions”.

Vincent Fillaud, Payment Business Line director at SUNMI Europe. 

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