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The next level of Android Desktop

As top tier Android POS, SUNMI T3 Pro series helps clients to centralize a complete and durable service ecosystem in business areas where performance, quality and looking are firmly required.

Android flagship desktop terminal with Blazing-fast performance. SUNMI T3 PRO series define the flagship Android desktop standard with its powerful performance. T3 PRO is the first commercial device equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G octa-core chip, up to 2.7GHz, 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM Memory, and also with Wi-Fi 6E supported. Which make T3 PRO’s performance benchmark scores far ahead of similar Android devices and can rival Windows desktop devices.

T3 PRO MAX, with an integrated high-speed 80mm Seiko printer, provides users with an efficient and fast printing experience, making it easy to handle busy operations.

NFC & GMS – enabled, SoftPOS supported on dual display.

With the global popularity of Softpos, SUNMI T3 PRO series Designed with NFC tap on screen for both the main and secondary display, allowing convenient payment experiences.

In addition, an optional GMS version will be available beginning in 2024. This will assure compatibility to the majority of SoftPOS Solutions on the market.

Also SUNMI T3 PRO Series offer a variety of display combinations to meet different business scenarios. The main display (15.6″) can be flipped 125°(up to 100,000times)to adjust to a more suitable user’s sight height. To meet the needs of different business scenarios, T3 PRO offers two different sizes of customer displays: 15.6″ and 10.1″ and the detachable customer display also comes with a 1.5m extension cord to improve flexibility.

SUNMI OS 4.0 brings new powerful features to enhance T3 PRO Series experience.

T3 PRO is equipped with SUNMI OS 4.0, presenting users with a more secure, smooth, and simple experience.The fingerprint unlocking function, combined with OS 4.0’s ID account management ability, allows customers to enjoy a one-touch convenient login experience. Additionally, the newly upgraded Enroll Me deployment function supports customer configure online, deploy to all.

Flagship products with pioneering design

Of course, as the flagship product, it is worth mentioning its top industrial design. The sleek yet durable aluminum alloy creates an exceptional user experience. Hidden cabling keeps your countertop tidy and more importantly T3 PRO’ printer is equipped with auto-cutter modular design, which makes it easy for maintenance.

SUNMI T3 PRO series, the highest-performance flagship device for Android, integrates SUNMI’s distinctive design style, with ultimate appearance design and quality craftsmanship, providing customers with customized deployment solutions and extraordinary user experience.

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