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WizyEMM x Sunmi: Enhancing Mobile Device Management

WizyEMM is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform that provides organizations with a comprehensive set of tools and features to manage and secure their mobile devices effectively.


WizyEMM successfully tested the integration of its platform with Sunmi devices, further solidifying their compatibility and effectiveness. This successful test signifies a significant step forward in simplifying mobile device management and enhancing operational efficiency.

The combination of SUNMI’s innovative Android-based commercial devices with WizyEMM’s robust Mobile Device Management platform creates a powerful solution for retail businesses. By integrating Sunmi with WizyEMM, retail organizations can streamline mobile device management.

During the test, WizyEMM seamlessly integrated with a range of Sunmi devices, including handheld devices, all GMS certified. They tested Sunmi L2H GMS and V2s GMS, and some more integration might happen on other Sunmi devices such as V2s Plus GMS, L2s Pro GMS.

The integration process proved to be smooth, with WizyEMM effortlessly enrolling and managing the Sunmi devices within its platform. Moreover, Sunmi devices compatibility with WizyEMM was evident in its ability to efficiently configure settings and manage applications. Administrators could remotely configure Wi-Fi settings, email configurations, and other device parameters, ensuring uniformity across the Sunmi device fleet. This efficient management process ensures that the devices are equipped with the necessary tools and software for optimized performance.

WizyEMM’s successful test with Sunmi devices showcased its ability to streamline device monitoring and support. Administrators could remotely monitor device status, track performance metrics, and proactively identify potential issues. The seamless integration also facilitated remote support capabilities, enabling administrators to troubleshoot issues and provide timely assistance. This streamlined monitoring and support process reduces device downtime and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Streamlining Mobile Device Management

WizyEMM complements SUNMI devices by providing a comprehensive MDM solution designed specifically for managing mobile devices within organizations. By integrating WizyEMM with SUNMI devices, retail businesses can efficiently manage and secure their device fleet while ensuring optimal performance.

In the retail industry, managing mobile devices is crucial for optimizing operations, enhancing customer experiences, and ensuring data security. WizyEMM together with SUNMI are offering a powerful solution for streamlining mobile device management in retail environments.

The integration of WizyEMM and SUNMI devices simplifies device enrolment. Administrators can seamlessly onboard SUNMI devices into the WizyEMM management system, allowing for centralized control and management of the devices. This streamlined enrolment process saves time and effort, ensuring that retail devices are quickly and securely integrated into the MDM platform.

WizyEMM facilitates efficient application management, allowing administrators to remotely distribute, configure, update, and remove applications on SUNMI devices. This centralized approach simplifies application deployment and maintenance, ensuring that retail staff have access to the necessary tools and software for seamless operations.

Sunmi, once again shows that solutions are easy to integrate within the Sunmi environement.

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