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MDM functions on GMS Certified Devices

Dear Honorable Customer:

Thank you for your trust and support to SUNMI.

To have SUNMI devices GMS certified and authorized, our devices need to comply with Google’s services own specific requirements on security and privacy to protect devices and user data. Those requirements include adopting a secure boot process, encryption, permissions management, and user privacy protection. Therefore, some control functions on GMS certified devices are not available, for example the permissions for setting boot logo, wallpaper, silent install, and screen mirroring cannot be obtained, resulting in some functions being unavailable.

Sunmi provides additional features which are not authorized by Google Mobile Services Certification

About 68% MDM functions (84 out of 123) can be used on GMS certified devices:

*We will keep updating the list, and you can contact sales if you need specific information.

If you still need functions that are currently unavailable on SUNMI MDM, there’re different 3rd party MDM solution suppliers on the market who work with us, such as SOTI. (Kindly refer to your respective SUNMI sale for more information)

SUNMI GMS equipped devices have also been certified by SOTI and Ivanti Wavelink. Details on SOTI certified SUNMI devices are listed below:

ModelAndroid Version
L2s PROAnd. 12
V2s PLUSAnd. 11
L2KsAnd. 11
V2sAnd. 11
L2HAnd. 11

Shanghai SUNMI Technology Co., Ltd

June 1, 2023

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