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Deliverect & Sunmi, bring efficiency and technology to your kitchen

Bring efficiency when managing online workflow for restaurant by using the combine solution of SUNMI with Deliverect.

Deliverect and SUNMI seized the opportunity to work together and create an entire solution to simplify and centralise ordering workflow in restaurants. SUNMI first offered Deliverect to test different devices.

Deliverect has qualified SUNMI Hardware in both desktop and mobility. The obvious choice for kitchen is to qualify D2s KDS (Kitchen Display Setting). It is a fully robust device for harsh kitchen environments. The D2s KDS runs on Android 12, has a wall-mounted high-resolution screen, can captures all online or front of the house orders for your kitchen staff and follow order preparation in real time.

With the D2sKDS, we recommend connecting the Kitchen Cloud Printer. As an option, you can connect the Kitchen cloud printer to print order for your delivery bags.

Deliverect voiced its approval for the T2s and T2s Lite. T2s & T2s Lite are the reference for Android ECR. They allow customer experience to be enhanced. The T2S and T2s Lite are the centre of your Point of sales. With different connectivity point speeding your interactions and for the T2s a high-speed integrated Printer.

The Mobility Option

For your rush hours, you can opt for the V2s Plus, a commercial modern device for your restaurant counter so the cashier can increase its mobility and efficiency. The V2s Plus works on WiFi environment and 4G.

These SUNMI devices were given high marks by Deliverect, opening the way for other devices to be integrated.

Deliverect App is now available on SUNMI App Store, allowing all SUNMI devices owners to download it and use it.

Improve your order taking in 5 steps:

If you are a dark kitchen, or a more traditional restaurant, you’re probably overwhelmed by the large number of orders placed on different platforms, as well as by the different devices used to receive them. Deliverect improves your capability of receiving multiple orders at one. Deliverect improved your capability of receiving multiple orders at one.

Here is a simple guide on how to improve and centralise your order taking:

  1. Chose your Sunmi device from one of our official distributor.
  2. Download the Deliverect App from th Sunmi App Store
  3. Create your account on Deliverect
  4. Configure your different delivery apps.
  5. Start using the solution

And, you’re set and ready to start taking order in an easier way.

About Deliverect

Deliverect is a software platform that specializes in streamlining and automating food delivery operations for restaurants. It acts as a centralized hub that integrates various online food ordering platforms (such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and DoorDash) with a restaurant’s point-of-sale (POS) system.

By connecting these different platforms, Deliverect enables restaurants to manage their incoming orders from multiple sources in one place, eliminating the need to manually process orders from different tablets or devices. This integration helps reduce errors, improves efficiency, and enhances the overall customer experience.

SUNMI and Deliverect chose to collaborate based on their mutual ideas of simplifying and centralising the business.

Interested in our combined solution?

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